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This is a list of solved missing person cases from 2005 to 2016 

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Since 2005 I have personally worked over 2,200 missing person cases and have literally spent thousands of hours of my own time trying to help find missing people, especially missing children...and always for free.

The cases listed here are from my old site, unfortunately, after I got sick, I lost my site and any backup copies I had, so these are direct links to archive.org's Wayback Machine. In time I will transfer these old cases to my new site. I've had a pretty good track record in helping to locate loved ones, and I'm always willing to help in new cases as well.   To view all my past cases right now please visit https://briansprediction.com/missingold

If you would like to help, please consider a small donation to my missing person's site fund @ https://briansprediction.com/donate.php

The following RV's have been confirmed correct by local news and police reports, some cases include special notes from the actual persons involved and/or their families. From what I have been told, I'm the only person in the world who's is doing something like this. This is a shame, as we all have the ability to do what I do, and much, much more.

  Brian Ladd 



Purvis Parker and Quadrevion Henning

John Fiocco College Murder, NJ USA

Perla Herande

Warren Steed Jeffs

Rebacca Ann Braun

Elinore Sheffield

Nataleigh Cross

John W. Parsons

Joanna "Asha" Vei

Abigale Lynn Wood

Jimella Tunstall three missing children

Shawn Hornbeck

Pranvera Niman

Brookley Louks

Michelle Gardner-Quin

Saige Terrell

Ajanae Scrugg

Evan Baldenegro

Missing dog named Tasha

Jessiah Jameson

Geontae Glass

James, Katie, Penelope and Sabine Kim

Austin James McKinney

Tracy Onawa Jone

UK Serial Killer

Tayler Lee and Holly An Needham

Brenna Moore

William Ownby 'Ben'

Elizabeth Ortiz

Marissa Marie Graham

Loic Rogers

General Fluff (cat)

Nathan Robin Christen

Mychael Darthard

Wade S. Steffey

Michel Auberry

Zeke Brown

Tammy and Kylie Walnofer

Lars and Remi Baugher

Avery Lee Stately and Tristan Anthony White

Jonathan Smalley

Byron Perkins and Girlfriend

Junni Angel Rios

Danette and Taylor Thomas

Jessie Davis

Jayden Headley

Madison Erickson

Aiden Duarte and Beatriz Duarte

Samuel and Lindsey Porter

Phillip Brown

Donna Gonzalez

The person who murdered Johnia Berry

Emily Graeber

Baby Grace's Mother

Lauren Barnes

John Darwin

Arlene Alonzo

Dewey Horne

Meredith Emerson

Shannon Matthews

Hser Nar Moo

Cynthia Sommer - set free!

Cole Puffenburger - Team Case

Julian King - Team Case

Tisha Muentes - DD

Elena Lilliana and Victoria Olguin - Team Case

Caylee Anthony - Team Case

Julisa Gomez Diaz



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